Burrito boy

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wireframe of the burrito boy

The burrito boy actually began its life as a shoe holder. It was designed to strap shoes to the front fork of my bike. One shoe per side. This way I could happily ride clip-ins to my partners place, swap shoes, then carry on with my day.

Yes there are better solutions for this. Pannier bags may be the best. They hold lots of stuff, not just shoes. But the style! The flow! Imagine seeing that mans cruise through the Mission with shoes strapped to his bike. Some might say he's on a mission in the Mission.

After a few iterations, I found a design that relies on Voilé straps to secure the cargo, with bungee supporting as needed.

CAD of the burrito boy.

A CAD close up.

Burrito boy doing work.

Here we can see the burrito boy in action, as well as how it got its name. It holds sandwiches, beers, burritos, and shoes just fine on rides around town.

A pair of burrito boys.

And here are a pair of burrito boys off to a new home.