Micro hex driver holder

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In many of my projects I use tiny M2 screws which require a 1.3mm driver. While I have a good collection of driver bits, 1.3mm wasn't among them. I picked up a set of Wera Kfraftform Micro Ballhead hex drivers which included the ellusive 1.3mm driver. This set was great, but included this giant stand I couldn't stand (ha!).

Look at all that wasted space! The wedge shape was designed to sit on a benchtop. Who can afford room on their bench? I certainly can't. I wanted a case to keep these guys safe in my toolbox. Generally my toolbox is a safe place, but I was worried about the tiny 0.9mm bit getting snapped under a larger tool, so I wanted a case that could cover the bit when it wasn't in use. Finally, I wanted something that held all the drivers together even if they were bouncing around in a tote on the way to a job.

I considered a few designs but was quickly mesmorized by the hex shape at the end of the handle. Insert that into a hex shape hole, the driver holds its orientation. Insert it further and twist a bit, and now the driver can be locked in if there is something to push back.

What will push back? I could order some springs from mcmaster.. but I had some shock cord on hand. I could use two short strands of shock cord to 'push back' on the driver when it is pushed into the right spot. With this in mind, I worked out final the design.

These dedents are both the biggest mistake and the thing that makes it feel right.

The dedents in the previous photo exist to 'hold' the driver in place so it must be pushed in before turning to take out of the case. It also ensures the driver 'snaps' into its home when you put it back into the case and apply a little twist.

And after some sizing prints, I printed the real thing. All the parts were printed on a Prusa i3 Mk3s in Prusament PETG Galaxy Black (or was this PLA?).

Like many of my other projects, it is held together with M2 bolts and M2 Heat-Set Inserts. The inserts are melted in place using a Hakko Soldering Station.


Final Thoughts

I'm happy with how this came out. If i did it again, I'd change the rounded dedents to something that better fits the wera's shape to avoid leaving scratches on the corner of the driver hex. A larger dedent would also make the drivers a bit less fiddly to get in and out. The design also feels a bit heavy and blocky relative to the drivers. Slimming down the plastic a bit would be nice.