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Subscribing to my RSS feed is the best way to keep up with this blog. I don't use social media often, and this content would be too niche to post there anway.

If you need an RSS reader, I like using the Reeder5 App on iOS. After you add this site, if I post something new it will show up there. In the simplest case the Reeder app could be a portal to shendrickson. But it is really best used to follow other higher quality authors as well.

I find RSS interesting because it lets you manually build your own feed. Lose interest in a website? Cut it from your feed. Want more of a new thing? Search around and find new stuff to follow. A few favorites I've collected:

Updated on 12/27/2020.

If you appreciate the projects you've seen here so far, the best way to see more is to add this site into your RSS reader.